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Title: Seeking Atlantis (Part step 1)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/Elizabeth, Cluster

Title: Seeking Atlantis (Part step 1)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/Elizabeth, Cluster

Genre: Action/Adventure, Anxiety, Hurt/Morale. it’s a mixed purse.Warning/Spoilers: 4×01 ‘Adrift’ 4×02 ‘Lifeline’ 4×03 ‘Reunion’ (Set, blog post 4×04 ‘Doppleganger’)Summary: Regardless of how tough it is actually, Atlantis remains shed instead of it’s leader.Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate Atlantis.Author’s Notice: That it fic is inspired by John and you may Ronon’s desperate should provides Elizabeth back to demand.

Teyla noticed in the doorway are you aware that next big date one month, Ronon try loading their what things to log off. She would spotted your one first-time, waited beyond your home until Colonel Carter had left, her effort defeated because of the his stubbornness before she’d walked toward door, common a peek with your and you will watched him continue loading.

“I’m sure you will find a way that one may manage it. pressure, you and Colonel Carter apparently show.” Teyla experimented with, gesturing together with her give in an effort to create their unique point appear way more, pertinent.

He gone near to their, reduced than just she’d anticipated and you can stared off in the their own which have a beneficial brutal fury towards the a missing group. “For this reason I’m leaving.”

“Very?” Ronon stalked toward window ahead of turning easily and you will stalking back towards their own. “John try a pal, I am aware you to Teyla however, Carter. she will never ever exchange-”

“Zero, she will not. Nor do I wish you to definitely she could. However must see, Ronon, we all skip Age, more than others. ” she glanced during the floor quietly for a moment, just before fulfilling their eyes once more. “. but we carry on because we all know this is exactly what she would require, we know that Age would not want Atlantis to-fall.”

“Given that I am unable to sit.” He said gently, flipping away from their unique and you will bending their submit the newest towel regarding their bag. Teyla spotted your quietly when he attained the remaining issues on the his sleep before the guy searched up at color into the wall and you may attained for taking it off.

Feedback: Try Love

“Offer that it so you’re able to McKay?” the guy asked when he passed it in order to their unique. Teyla got it which have a dim expression and held new painting securely in her hand.

“We shall look for.” She beamed and Ronon failed to help however, reflect they, but not faintly. Appearing their particular over if you will, he smiled off from the their particular actually-growing tummy following pushed the new color away and taken their particular into their possession inside a strict embrace.

She nodded up against his bust once the she buried herself in his embrace, inhaling a cologne which had always troubled their particular, beckoned her.

Both of them said they, they’d one another always keeps her household, than provides Carter keeping the fresh new throne warm

Launching their own regarding his hands, he shrugged into his coat and you can obtained his purse. Tucking his gun into it’s holster the guy understood her top sleeve gently when he remaining the space instead of a unique keyword.

Carter stood on top of the fresh staircase seeing due to the fact Ronon readied themselves to leave, making sure everything was strapped up precisely along with his holster try fasten properly.

Ronon appeared upwards within Colonel, smirking snidely while the she started to walk along the rumænsk kvinder stairs to the him and watched due to the fact Stargate engaged.

Ronon turned to make his way from the entrance, although curiously stopped right in front from it. Carter spotted him closely as he merely endured truth be told there, staring at the event views since if waiting around for one thing. Rodney and you will Teyla was in fact condition several paces at the rear of their own and the rest of the gateroom got its sight trapped towards their straight back, in the event interest is drawn off the guy bringing the slowest action possible from door, to the sound off beating footsteps regarding corridor off the gateroom.

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