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Nasiol GlasShield Marine

Nano Water Repellent for Watercraft Windshield

Glasshield Marine-Water Repellent Spray for Yacht and Boat Glasses

Protection and tough repellency against the elements for the glass of your boats!

>>> Contributes to safety even in rainy conditions because boat windows are always clear, no saltwater stains that diminish views.
>>> Water drops slide right off, leaving no residue on your windows
>>> Dramatically increases visibility–better than new, better than waterproof waxes, this is nano-coating at its best!
>>> Your boat’s glass surfaces are all kept to a high polish, new-looking and easy to clean.
>>> UV protection and stain-free effect–rust stains from runoffs, acid rain, bird droppings, all repelled.
>>> Works for glass and mirror surfaces–the most hard-to-clean areas in your boat. Not anymore!

How to Apply Glasshield Marine Waterproof Spray Boat and Yacht?

  • The surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil, or water.
  • The application should be made in a shaded area.
  • The surface should be sprayed around 25 times for one square meter.
  • The surface should be buffed immediately with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Curing time is 24 h.

Water repellent Nano-Coating Spray Glasshield Marine Specifications

Volume50 ml
Application surface typeYacth glass and windows
Durability2 years / 20000 miles
Temperature durability275°C
Chemical resistance13>pH>1
Consumption5 ml/m2
Coating thickness75-80 nm
Water repellencyYes
Oil repellencyYes
Salty water icing visionReducing %95
Shelf life2 years
Keeping conditions-3°C to +30°C
Curing period24 h
Box includes25 pieces
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