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Water Repellent and Stain Protection for Fabric Surfaces

Nasiol offers a collection of shoe and clothing water repellent sprays that protect all of your things and clothes from water and stains. Whether it’s a shoe, jacket, moto helms, or watches, we have the means to provide them with defense from some of the most harmful factors such as water, mud, oil, stain and dust.

All of us have favorite clothes. Now imagine that you spill coffee or oil on them. Depending on the material, you will probably have to say farewell to your favorite shirts or jacket. Use of waterproof spray for clothes will help prevent such problems. The waterproof spray for fabric product ideally fits textile, suede, nubuck providing them with water and oil repellency, and at the same time, leaving them breathable. By using Nasiol Water-repellent sprays, you will get never wet.

The second favorite thing from your wardrobe you would like to protect from water is a shoe. Nasiol has specially created shoe nano protector spray which provides waterproof properties and doesn’t change the color or texture of the material. This formula was designed specifically for textile and nubuck shoes and boots to protect them. Using shoe protector spray, you need not be afraid of water, mud, or dusty surfaces, and can bravely move forward.

In addition to waterproof sprays, Nasiol offers separate protection for goggles, glasses, and moto helms. Using Nasiol Goglide or Nasiol Pershine, you prevent the appearance of streaks, mud, and empower the glass surface with water repellent abilities. Now, during driving, skiing, or mountain climbing you will not be distracted to wipe dirt from the glass.

All of our waterproof sprays are based on nanotechnologies which explains their high efficiency and affordability. At first it can look like magic; however, this is simply a technology which is used for the benefit of people.

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